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Wahiba Sands camping - August 2017

Posted: Thu Aug 17, 2017 7:31 pm
by Valentina
August 2017 - Wild camping with French family in Wahiba Sands
Camping in the desert is something magical. We had a great camping in Wahiba Sands under the sky with full moon.
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Just the dunes, sky with millions of stars and the moon! It was quite windy in the evening and it is usual for summer time. But the wind got quite around 9pm and we decided to make a campfire. What else do you need in the middle of the desert?
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Early morning the Bedouin man came with the camels and the family rode to the dunes to watch sunrise. Beautiful!!!
Malin's family 8.jpg
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On return we had a nice breakfast with first sun lights and left the desert leading to Nizwa.
Malin's family 1.jpg
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Thanks for a great company, friends! We hope to see you in Oman soon!