Al Bateena Expedition (9 hours)

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Al Bateena Expedition (9 hours)

Postby Valentina » Sun Aug 20, 2017 3:38 pm

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Today our tour is a great combination of ancient history, wildlife and nature.
We first stop at 18th century Al Hazm Castle. While it is important for its significance in military history, it is also notable for the beauty and elegance of its architecture and decorative features. It has Oman's remarkable cannon collection.
The Rustaq Fort known as Qalat Al Kisra which had originally been built in 1250 is among the oldest and tallest forts in Oman. It has just been restored for its full glory. .
Driving through Wadi bani Kharus is a journey through geological history. The younges trocks are at the entrance and rich in small fossils but once driving deep into the wadi, we can find the oldest ones found in Oman dated back to 600 millions years.
The vertical cliffs are full of a variety of fossils and covered with many ancient drawings of animals and warriors. Some of drawings are 1,500 years old.
One of the highlights of our trip is an impressive massive Nakhal Fort built on a rocky-out-crop looking out over extensive date plantations.

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